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Dr. Fred Luthans, Distinguished Professor of Management, Emeritus, University of Nebraska, former President of the Academy of Management, and well-known researcher of Psychological Capital

I-O Psychology provides both deep theoretical understanding and research-based effective applications for the most important dimension for the success of any organized activity, whether in industry or business, health care, education, public service, uniformed service or sports… the desired attitudes, behaviors and performance outcomes of individuals, participants, and teams.


Dr. Richard Ryan, University Professor at Australian Catholic University, North Sydney

Organizational psychology has never been simple, but with lively illustrations and a friendly narrative this book shows the multiple roles professional organizational psychologists can undertake. Recommended for kids, parents, friends, and anybody else who asks: “What is it you do?”


Dr. Stephen Gilliland, University Professor at Claremont Graduate University and Fellow in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

I have spent the last 30 years struggling to explain what I do as an organizational psychologist. My Mommy is an Organizational Psychologist is a delightful story that highlights the breadth of the field with illustrations that capture the diversity of kids and families in today’s society. It is a must read for any parent struggling to explain what they do to their children.

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